Using Mobile Apps to Find that Perfect French Family Restaurant

Finding that perfect restaurant for your next meal can be a tricky business. As a matter of fact, “What should I eat?” is something that is constantly bugging many people in their everyday life. It is no surprise that app developers have presented solutions to fix this type of issues with mobile apps.

Mobile apps are very popular with the invention of Smartphone and current mobile landscape is dominated by Android and iOS. To test the apps and their effectiveness, I decided to try to find a French restaurant in the district of Montmarte, Paris in France. I wanted to find a restaurant-bar that has fantastic fusion cuisine that had good music in the background.

Emphasizing the emphasis on high quality cocktail was a must! I love nothing more than a nice trendy cocktail that has Caipiroska as a based with various fruits and herbs. Oh, and a good milkshake wouldn’t hurt. The interior décor was important too and I was looking for something that would be described as ‘idustry-chic.’


Some apps could support such specific requests, while others failed miserably. Here are three  apps that passed our test and made our recommendation list.


A one stop app for browsing, choosing and reserving a spot in a restaurant. OpenTable is the go-to mobile app for those wanting to make quick reservations. What separates this mobile app from other similar mobile apps is the fact that they have data on how long the typical wait would be at a given time.

Very nifty feature to have indeed! The app also connects seamlessly with your chat apps like iMessage to message and share locations with your buddies and friends for a nice French family meal.


One of the most popular apps for discovering the best restaurants. Foursquare’s key feature is the ability to ‘check-in’, which has several benefits that includes alerting your friends to getting exclusive discounts for doing so.


The authoritative name in restaurant reviews, Zagat has been in business for many decades. It provides a vital service of curating and handpicking top chefs and restaurants so you do not suffer from a bad meal. Even though you could get similar data from Yelp or Foursquare, Zagat has that reputation that is hard to deny amongst foodies.